RAPIDO is a new holistic approach that enables communities to recover from disasters within months instead of years. Through understanding and redesigning the entire U.S. disaster recovery housing process with the people that are impacted the most, RAPIDO fosters resilience within Texas communities.


As we mark the two year anniversary of Hurricane Harvey, families are continuing to struggle to recover and rebuild their lives from the devastation this storm wreaked. For many, the challenge is made more difficult due to a lack of accurate information available in the language they understand best. By partnering with the Red Cross, we have developed the following Disaster Recovery Guides to help get information into the hands of those who need it most. Topics include Renter’s Rights, Contractor Fraud, Flood Insurance, and Clearing Title.

Find the four English Guides below: Avoiding Contractor Fraud, Renter’s Rights after a Disaster, Flood Insurance, and Clearing Title.


This Hurricane Harvey recovery project was made possible in part by a grant from the American Red Cross.

Este proyecto de recuperación del huracán Harvey fue posible en parte gracias a una subvención de la Cruz Roja Americana.

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Dự án phục hồi cơn bão Harvey này đã được thực hiện một phần nhờ một khoản trợ cấp từ Hội Chữ thập đỏ Hoa Kỳ.